vehicle dimensions

Motorhomes in different lengths – Our vehicle dimensions

Are you looking for specific vehicle dimensions for your new camper? Compact as possible, agile in road traffic and in the interior spacious? Then you are exactly right at BELA! Because we offer you campers with a total length of less than 6 meters and under 7 meters. Only four of our vehicles exceed the length of 7 meters.

In the following you will find our cheap mobile homes listed according to vehicle dimensions. You will find the right model for every occasion.

Im Nachfolgenden finden Sie unsere Wohnmobile aufgelistet nach Fahrzeugmaße. So finden Sie für jeden Anlass das passende Modell.

Observe vehicle dimensions and camper floor plan

If you are looking for one or the other model in the search for your new motor home, look at the ground plan. This tells you interior fixtures and the arrangement of the various living elements. For this there is a day view, as well as a night view from which the sleeping possibilities clearly emerge. Additional items include all important vehicle dimensions, such as the size of the garage and the residential furniture length.

With the help of the ground plan, you can determine exactly whether a travel vehicle meets your personal requirements. Some may have a large kitchen with plenty of storage space, while others have a small kitchen and compact bathrooms. Either way, you will find a suitable offer for every need. In addition, it is very easy to identify the number of sleeping places or the number of seats with a seat belt. So you can immediately see if the model of your choice is suitable for your travel group and even occasional overnight guests.

In addition to the floor plan, we also provide you with a 360 ° view of the inner space of our mobile homes. A list of all camper highlights gives you a first overview of the most important vehicle features. Thanks to the all-round view within your preferred mobile home, you can already get to know your potential new vehicle from within and get a first impression of the equipment. If you prefer specific vehicle dimensions, you can browse our categories here.