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Maybe with cross bed or even with bunk beds? Are you looking for something for a city trip for 2 people? Or you need space for the whole family with consequently sleeping places for 4 people? You are still looking for a dog-friendly motorhome? For your next dream vacation. Cheap motorhomes you buy new at your BELA dealer. We therefore have a selection of new motorhomes. With different designs, such as alcove or semi-integrated. You get these with different floor plans in each case. BELA motorhomes can be purchased, financed or leased at our dealer at a reasonable price. So finally there is something for everyone. Therefore, when buying a new motorhome: BELA is always a good choice.

At our dealership you are sure to find your dream motorhome. You can not immediately decide to buy a motorhome? So why not first rent a camper from our camper rentals.

Wohnwagen kaufen Modelle

EB 496 BELA caravan

Sleeping places: 2
Seats: 3
Single beds: 2
Bed conversion to double bed: yes

FBS 485 BELA caravan

Sleeping places: 4
Seats: 4
Bunk beds: 2 Kojen
Bed conversion to double bed: No

DBS 485 BELA caravan

Sleeping places: 4
Seats: 4
Bunk beds: 2 Kojen
Bed conversion to double bed: No

You should think about the following points in advance if you want to buy a motorhome cheaply:

  • What is the itinerary like? Do you prefer to drive through cities or across the country? Are you planning short trips or long-term camping?
  • How many people would you like to travel with?
  • What requirements do you have for a cheap motorhome in terms of equipment?
  • Do you prefer a certain size of motorhome?
  • What equipment and payload should be carried?
  • What is the range of prices?
  • Would you like to go on vacation with your dog?

As soon as you have carefully clarified your requirements and wishes, nothing stands in the way of buying an inexpensive motorhome. At BELA-Wohnmobile you will find a wide variety of discount motorhomes, so you can buy an alcove motorhome, a semi-integrated, an integrated or a van, tailored to your personal preferences. For dog lovers, we even have a dog-friendly motorhome in our range! Regardless of which model you choose, with BELA you can definitely buy a cheap motorhome and fully enjoy all the advantages of mobile travel.

When you buy a new vehicle from our large range of discounted motorhomes, you benefit twice: from the low prices, and you can also configure your new motorhome individually according to your wishes. There are no limits to your freedom – in terms of equipment and travel.

Alcove motorhomes

Our motorhomes can be distinguished first of all in terms of their body style. From BELA you can buy partially integrated vehicles or alcove motorhomes. Both types of bodywork are based on a FIAT Talento and are available from our dealer at a reasonable price. You can always recognize an alcove motorhome by the superstructure above the driver’s cab. The fixed bed niche offers enough space for sleeping and can also be used as storage space during the day. Some of our models include in addition to the alcove bed other types of beds, so that a vacation with the whole family with such an alcove motorhome can be very comfortable. The only important thing is that you do not use the alcove of your motorhome as a place to stay while driving. So with a motorhome alcove you buy additional sleeping and storage space for your next trips. Regardless of whether you choose an alcove or a partially integrated Womo, you can choose different bed forms for the rear area, such as a U-shaped seating group from which a transverse bed can be built.

Semi-integrated Motorhome

If the chassis of the driver’s cab is retained, with only the living room cabin being placed behind it, one speaks of a semi-integrated mobile home (TI). However, the driver’s cab of these series vehicles is still used for living space purposes. The seats in the driver’s cab are often on rotating consoles so that they can be used as part of the seating group. This is possible with partially integrated as well as fully integrated and with the motorhome alcove. BELA offers both alcoves and partially integrated models. Regardless of what you choose, with BELA you can always buy cheap motorhomes, because BELA is YOUR motorhome discount. In addition to new vehicles, you will also find used motorhomes at our dealers.

The difference to the fully integrated or integrated motorhome is that it has an independently designed driver’s cab. This means that the transition between the driver’s cab and the rear runs seamlessly, creating more space.

If you are dealing with the purchase of an inexpensive motorhome, you should be clear about how high the number of people to be accommodated should be. Are you planning to travel with the whole family? Or are you traveling alone or as a couple? Would you like to occasionally invite visitors to stay overnight or to linger? The equipment in terms of beds and seating, as well as the expansion of the vehicle, can vary greatly depending on how many people are to be accommodated. As a result, the length of the motorhome changes with the desired number of people. As a broad-based motorhome manufacturer, BELA offers different models in lengths of less than 6 meters. It does not matter which model you choose, BELA always offers the option of buying a motorhome at a reasonable price.

Are you not sure whether you want to buy an inexpensive motorhome from our model series? Perhaps the price of a new vehicle is too high for you, even if you always buy a camper cheaply with BELA?
Or would you like to try out the feeling of being out and about in a motorhome first? Then we can also help you
offer two more services on the subject of traveling with a motorhome:

  • Cheap motorhome rental
  • Buy used motorhomes

Our dealers also have used motorhomes in their offer. But if you want to go camping for a shorter period of time for the first time, it is worthwhile to rent a motorhome first. So you can find out beforehand without obligation whether this type of travel is also suitable for you in the long term. You can buy a motorhome cheaply here:

Latest ekit news

Ekit Latest News

Latest ekit news

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