Find your new vehicle at a discounted price from our camper variants

Nowadays in Germany mobile homes are becoming more and more popular talking about traveling in general. Instead of being bound by flat-rate flights, more and more people are enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a travel vehicle. Depending on your needs, you can choose your own travel route, schedule the daytime, including driving time, meals and leisure time.
At BELA, you can choose from a wide variety of campers.

You want a compact vehicle? Our BELA trendy 1 is only 5.61 m long! Or would you like to take a certain number of people? Then you will find mobile-homes by us according to passenger numbers in a range of 1 to 4 persons. Furthermore, before you buy a motorhome cheap, you should ask yourself some questions:

  • What are conditions on and at the route and the destination?
  • How many seats and sleeping places are needed?
  • How much space do I need for working and storing?
  • Which bed type is preferred?
  • How big should the kitchen and refrigerator be?
  • How much comfort do I need for a shower and toilet?
  • What are the dimensions of the vehicle?

In a personal consultation, we will help you to find the right travel vehicle for you. So your vacation with the camper will leave no comfort wishes open and will be an unforgettable travel experience for you.

Buy your personal motorhome from BELA

BELA Wohnmobile offers you countless motorhome variants. If you want to buy a camping vehicle for the first time, you could quickly lose track of the various variations. That is why our dealers are there to guide you with help and advice choosing a suitable new vehicle from our range.

Two types of models are part of our portfolio: alcove mobile homes and semi-integrated (SI) ones.
At the overview pages we will be pleased to provide you with detailed information how these models differ regarding to the equipment, the driving dynamics and the driver’s cab as well as there availability.

Pay attention to the number of passengers

Once you have decided to buy a new mobile home, you should also be aware of how many people should be accommodated. Furthermore, it is necessary to differentiate between sleeping and seating areas. Plainly speaking: How many people should be able to ride in the motorhome (seat with belt) and how many should actually stay in it? If you have answered these questions, you can select a cheap camper that has a sufficient number of seats and sleeping facilities.

If you are predominantly alone or as a couple with the travel vehicle, BELA offers a suitable selection of motorhomes for 2 persons. However, some of our vehicles also have enough room for additional guests so that additional passengers or overnight guests can be accommodated. If you are traveling as a family with several children or a larger group, there are also camping vehicles suitable for 4 persons.

More space and functionality through bed variations

Depending on your needs and the number of travel companions, you have the choice between motorhomes with different bed types. For example, with an alcove bed for 2 people, you can create additional sleeping arrangements or save space in the living room. In addition, the alcove serves as storage space when not in use. On the other hand, a camper with single beds offers plenty of room to sleep, because everyone has their own bed. If desired, the beds can also be converted into a whole large laying area.


Some motorhome variants offer the option of integrating an additional lifting bed if required. It’s located below the living space blanket during the day and can easily be electronically lowered for sleeping. Especially if you occasionally receive overnight guests, or the number of passengers generally varies, such a lifting bed can be an advantage for you. In addition, we also offer mobile homes with bunk beds or space-saving transverse beds. If you like it especially luxurious, a queen bed is a good advise to you. It’s only meeting the wall on the backside and is freely accessible from three sides.

Let yourself be advised about our camper variants

Are you already familiar with motorhomes and have you already gained camping experience? Then you can check out our online catalog to find out which vehicles are best suited to your needs. After all, you know best which caravan suits you. Afterwards, we will find out in a personal meeting where your requirements for equipment lie and put together your personal car.

As a newcomer at camping you will find all the important information about our camper variants, as well as the different models and types, on our website. For this purpose, you can view all the vehicle data of our campers in advance on the respective motorhome pages. Here you will find outlines, which provide information about the arrangement of beds and equipment as well as basic data such as the number of seats and sleeping places or the dimensions of the camper.