Bed types of our motorhomes at a glance


Depending on interior design and personal preferences, the constellation of bed types also changes within a motorhome. For example, you will find convertible U-seating group for a Bela motorhome, bunk beds for two. Alcove vehicles House in addition to further beds always a sleeping niche in the lead above the cab, the so-called “alcove bed”. Most beds are located in the rear area of ​​the vehicle. Here are for couples who like to sleep together, for example, crossbage, which stand with the head end on the wall and are therefore freely accessible from the remaining three sides. These differ from the queens bed merely in that they are – as the name already says – across the rear area of ​​the vehicle. The following bed types are available at Bela Motorhomes Various structural standards of the vehicles also mean different beds constellations. This means weighing the respective advantages and disadvantages in terms of their personal preferences. Alcove models can accommodate especially many people or be very space-saving on the other side when they travel with very few people. Subintegrated, on the other hand, have a lower vehicle height and can be maneuved on the streets. Our dealer will gladly advise you when it comes to choosing a motorhome most suitable for you!

The motorhome equipment of a motorhome can take very different forms. This also applies to the motorhome beds. Single beds are a popular variant. These can also be converted into a large lying area with a third sleeping place using a bed conversion system. Likewise, we carry motorhomes with queen beds. Better said a large double bed for two people. This is located in the center of the rear of the vehicle. And is therefore freely accessible from three sides. Likewise, each guest gets his own closet directly next to the bed. A space-saving alternative is the Womo with transverse bed. Here you have the same sleeping area as with the queen bed. However, this bed variant is installed transversely in the rear. And thus only from one side accessible.

In our motorhomes of the body type “alcove” is of course always a fixed alcove bed in the vehicle. This is located above the driver’s cabin and can be reached via a small ladder. With alcove motorhomes, you always have the choice of whether you want to buy a compact vehicle for singles and couples or a spacious family vehicle with additional sleeping berths. So there are even some motorhomes with sleeping places for 6 people in our range. Especially popular with children are bunk beds, which we also carry in some vehicles.

In some models, there is the option of additionally installing an electrically lowerable lift bed. This hangs from the ceiling of the living area during the day and can be conveniently lowered at the touch of a button when needed. In addition, you can convert your dinette into one or two additional sleeping options in any motorhome. Simply fold the table down, hook on an additional frame and add cushions – and you’re done.

We show the different motorhome beds at a glance. What the respective advantages are and which bed types are suitable for which person constellations, you will learn on the following pages.

The following bed types are available at BELA campers

Various vehicle configurations also mean different bed configurations. This means the respective advantages and disadvantages with regard to your personal preferences. Alcove models can accommodate a great number of persons, or on the other hand they can be very space-saving if you travel with very few people. Partially integrated vehicles, on the other hand, have a lower vehicle height and are easy to maneuver on the roads. Our dealers will be happy to advise you when it comes to choosing the best suited campers for you!

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