Motorhome for 7 persons

Unlimited freedom and flexibility for the whole family? With a motorhome for 7 people, nothing stands in the way of your vacation experience. Pack children, grandchildren, grandparents or your whole circle of friends and just get going. In a 7-person mobile home you can also travel flexibly, stay and camp with a larger group,


  • Vehicle under 7 meters long
  • Sleeping places for max. 7 people
  • Alcove bed and bunk beds, as well as three further sleeping possibilities by conversion of both dinettes
  • Spacious kitchen, on request with large refrigerator
  • Wide range of storage space
  • Sliding door separates shower and toilet
  • Available with 110, 130 or 160 hp
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Mauritius Wohnmobil Alkoven für 7 Personen
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