Motorhomes for 5 persons

Are you planning a camping holiday with the whole family? Then a motorhome for 5 people is the right choice for you. Under our models, there are different variations and stroke possibilities. No matter whether you are looking for an alcove, a bunk bed, a queen bed or a convertible dinette, we can safely and comfortably accommodate every single traveler in one of our mobile homes.


  • Only 5,95 m total length
  • Alcove niche with sleeping accommodation for 2 persons
  • Additional sleeping places in convertible dinette
  • Rear bathroom and corner kitchen
  • Up to 6 seats with belt
  • Engine optional 110 – 160 hp, Euro6 Blue HDI
have a look on BELA easy MAUI
Maui für 5 Personen geeignet


  • 5.99 meters total length
  • Sleeping places for 6 persons, seats with belt for 4 persons
  • Foldable bunk beds
  • Heated alcove (1.55 x 2.20 m)
  • Spacious wardrobe and spacious storage rooms
  • Engine variants 110-160 hp
have a look on BELA easy GUADELOUPE


  • Mobile home for 4 persons, max. 5 people
  • Queen bed accessible from both sides
  • Electronic lifting bed can be integrated as required
  • Plenty of space thanks to garage and two large wardrobes
  • Sliding door between toilet and shower
  • Engine variants from 110 – 160 hp
have a look on BELA easy HAWAII
Hawaii Wohnmobil für 1 Person geeignet


  • A lot of room for movement and spaciousness on over 7 meters
  • Convertible single beds and dinette
  • Optional electronic lifting bed
  • Max. Sleeping places for 6 persons
  • Separation of living and sleeping area by sliding door
  • Separate toilet and shower area
have a look on BELA easy JAMAIKA
BELA easy Jamaika

More space thanks to the lifting bed – BELA edition Motorhome for 5 persons

BELA edition P69

  • Special BELA edition design
  • Semi-integrated mobile home for up to 5 persons
  • Convertible single beds and dinette
  • Electronic lifting bed on option
  • Spacious rear garage and other wardrobes, drawers, drawers, etc.
  • Large refrigerator with separate freezer compartment
  • Processing with glass fiber plastic
have a look on BELA edition P69
P69 edition Wohnmobil für 1 person

BELA edition P76

  • Special BELA edition design
  • Partially integrated motorhome for 2 persons (max 5 persons)
  • Single beds as well as convertible dinette
  • Optional electronic lifting bed
  • Diverse storage possibilities in large rear garage or wardrobes, drawers, etc.
  • Angle kitchen with large refrigerator
  • Slide door between sleeping and living area
  • Tail bath with separate shower and WC
have a look on BELA edition P76
P76 edition Wohnmobil

Motorhomes for 5 persons with additional sleeping places:

BELA easy Macau
BELA easy martinique
BELA easy Mauritius
BELA Future Maui Wohnmobil
BELA Future Maui
BELA Future GUADELOUPE Wohnmobil
BELA Future Martinique Wohnmobil
BELA Future Martinique
BELA Future Mauritius Wohnmobil
BELA Future Mauritius
BELA Future Barbados Wohnmobil
BELA Future Barbados
BELA Future Hawaii Wohnmobil
BELA Future Hawaii
BELA Future Jamaika Wohnmobil
BELA Future Jamaika
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