Wide product range for your camper according to the number of people

Before you buy a new motor home, you should determine the maximum number of people to accommodate the vehicle. Are you more likely to be alone or with your partner? Do you plan camping trips with the whole family? Or are there occasional guests visiting and staying overnight? In addition, it is necessary to distinguish between sleeping and seating areas. As soon as you can specify an exact number, the search for a suitable mobile home is a children’s game. Of course, depending on the number of people, the equipment features and the size of the vehicle also changes.

For single travelers or couples a mobile home is recommended for 1 to 2 persons. For family holidays or camping trips with friends is a spacious motorhome for 6 persons the right choice. If you are either traveling alone or want to enjoy togetherness, you will also find manageable models, which take up little space, depending on your taste. Depending on the number of people, different bed types are also used. However, most mobile homes are designed in such a way that their number of people can be varied easily. For example, you can comfortably travel as a family in the alcove mobile home with additional rear beds, or sleep in the beds as well as use the superstructure of the vehicle as a storage space. In case of a spontaneous visit or a temporary travel companion, lifting beds can be easily taken over night and do not take away any space in the interior of your motor home during the day.

On the following pages, we will inform you about the various campers with regard to the number of people to be transported and show you which models are most suitable for how many travelers.

for 1 Person
for 2 Persons
for 3 Persons
for 4 Persons
for 5 Persons
for 6 Persons
for 7 Persons