Motorhomes below 6 meters

Time and place independent travel and only the essentials in the luggage? Then a camper under 6 meters of length would be just right for you. Enjoy the advantages of space-saving model variations, such as car-close driving behavior and easy maneuverability. In the following we will show you the suitable camper for your dream vacation.


  • Only 5,95 m total length
  • Alcove niche with sleeping accommodation for 2 persons
  • Additional sleeping places in convertible dinette
  • Rear bathroom and corner kitchen
  • Up to 6 seats with belt
  • Engine optional 110 – 160 hp, Euro6 Blue HDI
have a look on BELA easy MAUI
Maui für 5 Personen geeignet


  • Less than 6 meters in length
  • Motorhome for 1 person up to max. 6 persons
  • Heated alcove (155 x 201 cm), as well as convertible dinette / bench
  • rear kitchen
  • Spacious living room with lounge character and large wardrobe
  • Engine variants 110 – 160 hp selectable
have a look on BELA easy MACAU
Wohnmobil unter 6 Meter - Macau


  • 5.99 meters total length
  • Sleeping places for 6 persons, seats with belt for 4 persons
  • Foldable bunk beds
  • Heated alcove (1.55 x 2.20 m)
  • Spacious wardrobe and spacious storage rooms
  • Engine variants 110-160 hp
have a look on BELA easy GUADELOUPE

BELA trendy 1s

  • Variation of the trendy 1xs with 5.16 m length
  • Sleeping places in the alcove and dinette
  • Bathroom in the complete rear with shower and WC opposite
  • Storage space according to the size
  • Ideal for use alone or for two
have a look on BELA trendy 1s
Trendy 1s Wohnmobil unter 6 Meter

BELA Future Maui

  • alcove
  • Less than 6 meters in length
  • Great sense of space
  • bunk beds
  • 4 Dinette
  • Up to 5 beds possible
  • Up to 6 seats possible
  • Ambient LED interior lighting
  • Heated sewage tank
  • awning light
  • Citroen Jumper Euro 6b BlueHDI 110 – 160 hp
  • and much more
have a Look on BELA Future Maui
Bela Future Maui Wohnmobil unter 6 Meter

BELA Future Guadeloupe

  • Alcove under 6 meters
  • Bunk beds
  • Ambient LED interior lighting
  • Up to 6 sleeping places possible
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Heated sewage tank
  • Awning light
  • Citroën Jumper Euro 6 Blue HDi 110 – 160 hp
  • and much more…
have a look on BELA Future Guadeloupe
Bela Future Guadeloupe Wohnmobil unter 6 Meter
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