Motorhomes with transversal bed

How the name already betrays, the mattress is located at the rear of the vehicle at a camper with transverse bed. Although the transverse bed is identical in size to the queen bed, this variation saves room significantly. In contrast to the freestanding queen bed, one enters the transverse bed only from one side. This makes it possible to optimally utilize the rooms of the mobile home.

Among our BELA mobile homes are two vehicles equipped with transverse beds: the BELA trendy 2 and the BELA easy MARTINIQUE. The respective differences between the two models are listed below.


  • Space-saving transverse bed in the rear area
  • Heated alcove (1.55 x 2.01 m), convertible dinette
  • Motorhome for 1 person up to 6 persons
  • Large garage with frame lowering
  • Spacious wardrobe
  • Separate shower and WC area
have a look on BELA easy MARTINIQUE
Martinique Wohnmobil für 1 Person
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