Motorhomes with queen bed

If you want to cuddle but do not want to climb, a camper with a queen bed for two is recommended. In contrast to the single beds, no conversion is necessary in order to create a complete lying surface. Queen beds are located in the back of the camper and are accessible from both sides, like a regular bedroom bed at home. You can use the Queen bed as a couple or as an individual. Comfort is in any case given to you in one of these constellations at any time, since the ascent into an alcove is no longer necessary.


  • Mobile home for 4 persons, max. 5 people
  • Queen bed accessible from both sides
  • Electronic lifting bed can be integrated as required
  • Plenty of space thanks to garage and two large wardrobes
  • Sliding door between toilet and shower
  • Engine variants from 110 – 160 hp
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Wohnmobil mit Queensbett
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