Motorhomes with alcove bed

Regrettably our alcove exemplars of the BELA easy series are sold out at the moment. 

Whether traveling alone or with the whole family, a camper with an alcove bed saves space and provides a great sense of space. You will recognize the alcove immediately on the superstructure above the cab of your mobile home. Here is a sleeping area for up to two people, which can be heated as a rule.

During the day, the alcove can also be used as a storage space. With us you can find different models with alcove bed for every need, from big to small, spacious to family-friendly.

BELA trendy 1

  • Only 5.61 m total length
  • Alcove niche with sleeping facilities for 2 persons
  • Further sleeping places in expandable dinette
  • Fiat talento
BELA trendy 1
Maui für 5 Personen geeignet