Motorhomes BELA 

Motorhomes BELA trendy

The new Bela trendy models combine modern design with compact vehicle dimensions. For singles or couples who prefer a car-close driving experience, a motorhome from this product range is the ideal travel companion.

Also for camping newcomers, these cheap and space-saving models are excellent in order to familiarize themselves with the matter “Motorhome” for the first time and discover a completely new holiday feeling.

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BELA trendy 1 für 49.990 €*

Bela trendy 1
BELA trendy 1 Grundris - Wohnmobil kaufen neu
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BELA trendy 2 für 49.990 €*

Bela trendy 2
BELA trendy 2 Grundriss - Wohnmobil kaufen neu
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BELA trendy 3 für 52.990 €*

Bela trendy 3
BELA trendy 3 Grundriss - Wohnmobil kaufen
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