Alcove under 6 meters

The BELA trendy 1 has a length of 5.61 m. With a width of 2.10 m and a height of 2.953 m, the vehicle is thus below the typical dimensions of an alcove motorhome. The chassis of this new model is a FIAT Talento. This model is a motorhome with car character. The small one leaves nothing to be desired in the motorhome sector. Everything you are used to from a motorhome is also available here.

Holiday or short trips are possible with up to 2 persons. You can sleep comfortably in the alcove bed, which can also be used as storage space during the day. In this BELA trendy 1 model you have some loading possibilities, adapted to its size. The kitchen is located to the left of the superstructure door, opposite the cosy dinette. The bathroom with shower and toilet is located in the rear.

The BELA trendy 1 is available in two variations: Without garage but with a very spacious bathroom. And in the version with garage, where the bathroom is more compactly designed, but still with sufficient space.

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Explore BELA trendy 1 in the 360° view

A 360° view of the BELA trendy 1 will follow shortly.


Pictures of the BELA trendy 1 will follow shortly.