BELA trendy Motorhomes

Our new series for motorhomes BELA trendy convinces with modern design combined with spaciousness. Apart from the trendy 3, these mobile homes are best suited for single travelers and couples who do not need much space. There is the trendy 1, our smallest model, in two different versions: as 1s with a length of slim 5.16 meters. Trendy 2 has a round seat group in the rear, which can be converted into a space-saving transverse bed at nighttime.
Bunk beds and an additional lifting roof can be found in trendy 3, where up to four people can stay. All our models of the trendy series are located in the VAN section considering their dimensions, granting a car-close driving experience. As with all other mobile homes, you will get the trendy’s at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Convince yourself of our trendy BELA motorhomes.

BELA trendy Wohnmobil

Motorhome Bela Trendy –Semi-integrated

Wohnmobil Bela Trendy

49.990 €*

BELA trendy 2

BELA trendy Motorhomes with Alcove


Last season, the BELA trendy mobile home was also available as an alcove with 2 different layouts. These alcove motorhomes are now only available as semi-integrated motorhomes.