BELA Motorhomes with Alcove


Your children will like it: the camper alcove. It is characterized by its attachment directly above the driver’s cab. This so-called alcoven houses a festive bedside for the nocturnal peace. During the day, your children can use the high bed of the alcove to play or they use the place as a storage area. Of course, there is enough space for two adults in the alcove. By where a bed is located in alcove above the driver’s seat, you can choose the living area according to your personal wishes. Whether further bed variations or spacious dining and living areas – in our large selection of alcove mobile homes, the Bela Trendy model series is the right thing for every need. And an alcove motorhome buy cheap at Bela. Just ask your dealer.

Bela Trendy 1 at the complete price 49.990 € *

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Bela Trendy 3 to complete price 52.990 € *

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Special living room feeling for a small price

An alcove bed can be used to sleep without much effort. In contrast to lifting beds or dinettes, which must first be rebuilt, the thumbnal of the alcove is firmly installed and is always ready for your recovery. In addition, the motorhome Alcoven offers a lot of space, which also serves many travelers as a storage area. Many of our vehicles even have a heatable alcove that makes cool nights even more pleasant. Particularly popular is this motorhome type that the living space is ideally exploited thanks to an alcove and thus contributes to a special sense of space. Beds that would take plenty of place in the rear or living area, are outsourced to the sleeping niche. Thus, this motorhome offers enough space for a generous seating group or a comfortable interior design. Impressive with the alcove models is also the enormous living room height. Such equipment may be beneficial in bad weather if you are not limited to i.d.r. in your outdoor activities. If you spend a longer time within your trip trail, you will appreciate such an equipment. In the end, it is not necessary to forget that alcove models are also very cheap in the price. You can get our Bela Trendy Motorhomes with alcove for a small price.

Alcove motorhomes with different bed constellation

As already indicated is a transversely oriented bed for two in the alcove niche. Especially for children who also like to play in the superstructure, a fall protection is recommended. With our alcove motorhops, you can get a securing network for the bed niche with our alcove mobile homes. Such a safety net is also included in mobile homes with bunk beds or lifting bed. You are looking for a model that is suitable for more than two people and has other beds in the rear area? Then you may choose between different sleeping possibilities. These could look like this:
  • Single beds that can be extended to a large lying area
  • Convertible dinettes
  • Bunk beds

Motorhomes with sleeping: what you should consider

Although an alcove Womo provides additional or space-saving bedroom, you will always need an increase conductor to get into your bed. However, this can be dismantled during the day and otherwise stowed. For the time of the trip, the stay in the sleeping currency for security reasons is not permitted. Especially when traveling with children, you should accommodate this scheme. Please do not forget that you lead a higher vehicle! Especially with tunnels, barriers or bridges, it is important to the road signs as well as the maximum passage height. With the greater total height, changes in the driving characteristics are always involved in air resistance and aerodynamics. This is noticeable, for example, in the side wind.

For whom is the Bela alcove motorhome?

In principle, we offer alcove models in such different variations, so they are suitable for every need. Especially when they are traveling with the whole family and many sleeping opportunities need, a motorhome with alcove can be the right choice. At Bela you will find models that are suitable for up to 4 people. But also for solo travelers or couples who do not feel the overnight stay in alcoves as a disadvantage, this uphand can be the ideal travel companion thanks to the spacious living area. In this case, please look at our Bela Trendy Motorhomes.

Great motorhome selection: all motorhomes with floor plan & 360 ° view

On our website you can get an overview of all mobile homes with sleeping. Including pictures of the interior, you will receive detailed information about the most important key data such as

  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Performance in PS
  • Bed
  • Number of sleeping and seating
  • Equipment highlights

With the help of the floor plans, you can look at the individual equipment elements such as sofa, bed arrangement, shower and toilet, kitchen, rear clothing, etc. If you look closer to your new camper, you can make a virtual tour through the interior of the vehicles in the 360 ​​° view. In addition, for example, the Bela Trendy series has some standard technical features such as ABS, electric windows or central locking with remote control. In addition, however, you can also choose from a variety of optional features, such as the manual air conditioning system for the cab, an automatic air conditioning system or a safety-pack of cruise control, daytime running lights, passenger airbag etc.