BELA easy campers with alcove

Regrettably our alcove exemplars of the BELA easy series are sold out at the moment.

Especially for children it is very popular: the alcove motorhome. It is characterized by its tower directly above the driver’s area. This so-called alcove houses a firmly installed bed niche for the night’s rest. During the day your children can use the high bed for playing or use the space as a ground floor. Of course, there is enough room for two adults in the Alkovennian.

Because your bed is located above the driver’s seat, you can choose the living area according to your personal preference. Whether you need more bedding variations or spacious dining and living areas, our wide selection of BELA easy model caravans offers something for every need.

BELA easy MACAU from 32.990 €*

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BELA easy Macau
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BELA easy GUADELOUPE from 32.990 €*

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BELA easy Guadeloupe
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BELA easy MARTINIQUE from 37.990 €*

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BELA easy Martinique
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BELA easy MAURITIUS from 37.990 €*

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BELA easy Mauritius
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Optimal price / performance ratio in a compact room

The alcove bed can be used with minimal effort for your night’s rest. Compared to retractable lifting beds or seating groups, which are only developed for sleeping, the alcove niche is a fixed component of the motorhome. All you have to do is climb a small ladder. Another advantage during the day is that an alcove offers a lot of space and can be used as additional storage. Thanks to our models with heated alcove, cold nights are no problem neither.

A further advantage of this design is that the living area in the rear of the motorhome can be optimally used. Due to the fact that the sleeping places are in the superstructure, the living space can be equipped with a spacious interior. You have the choice between models with further sleeping areas in the rear area, or even compact campers with spacious residential level. Thanks to the impressive living space height, a very comfortable feeling of space is created that gives you a pleasant time for longer stays within the vehicle.

With BELA easy you can buy your new, top-equipped alcove motorhome cheap. Our BELA easy Macau is already available starting at € 31.990 and can be configured as required at an extra charge.

Alcove motorhome with different beds

As already indicated, there is a transversely oriented double bed in the alcove niche. Especially for children, who also like to play in the superstructure, a fall protection is recommended. As standard, you will get a safety net for the bed niche with our alcove mobile homes. Such a safety net is also included in mobile homes with bunk beds or lifting beds.

Are you looking for a model that is suitable for more than two persons and has more beds in the rear area? Then you can choose between different sleeping possibilities. These can be as follows:

  • bunk beds
  • Space-saving transverse beds for two
  • Queensbed – accessible from both sides
  • Single beds, which can be extended to a large lying area
  • Rebuildable dinettes
  • Electronic lifting beds

Motorhome with sleeping niche: What you should consider

Even if an alcove camper provides additional or space-saving sleeping space, you always need an ascent ladder to get into your bed. This can be dismantled and otherwise stowed away during the day. For the duration of the trip, the stay in the sleeping area is not permitted for security reasons. Especially if you travel with children, you should take this rule to heart.

Please do not forget that you are driving a higher vehicle! Particularly in the case of tunnels, barriers or bridges, the road signs as well as the maximum throughput height must be taken into account. With the larger overall height, there are always changes in the driving characteristics with regard to air resistance and aerodynamics. This is evident, for example, in the side wind.

For whom is the BELA easy alcove camper?

In principle, we offer alcove models in such different variations that they are suitable for every need. Especially if you are traveling with the whole family and need many sleeping arrangements, a mobile home alcove can be the right choice. With BELA easy, you can find models that are even suitable for up to 7 people.

But also for single travelers or couples, who do not feel the overnight stay in the alcove as a disadvantage, this type of construction thanks to the spacious living area is the ideal travel companion.
Take a look at our BELA trendy motorhomes.

Large motorhome selection: All campers with ground plan & 360 ° view

On our website you can get an overview of all mobile homes with sleeping nets. Including pictures of the interiors, you will find detailed information on the most important key data like

  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Power in HP
  • Bed types
  • Number of bedrooms and seats
  • Equipment highlights

With the help of the ground plans, you can see at a glance the individual equipment elements such as seating group, bed arrangement, shower and toilet, kitchen. If you want to look more closely in your new motorhome, you can make a virtual tour of the interior of the vehicles in the 360° view.

In addition, there are some standard technical features such as ABS, electric windows or central locking with remote control, for example, in the BELA easy series. Furthermore, you can also choose from a variety of optional features, such as the manual air-conditioning system for the driver’s cab, an automatic air conditioning system or a safety pack of cruise control, daytime running lights, passenger airbag, etc.